basic landscaping tips and how-to's
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basic landscaping tips and how-to's

Landscaping can be a lot of fun and it really has a significant impact on the curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, if you are inexperienced working with plants and hardscaping materials, you could have a very difficult time landscaping your yard. On my website you will find a lot of how-to instructions that can help you with the most basic landscaping projects. You will also find a few tips that can help you maintain your professionally landscaped yard. With a little information, you can have the yard that everyone in the neighborhood wants and admires and you will find that information on my website.


basic landscaping tips and how-to's

Want An Alluring Landscape? Add A Pond!

Lily Carroll

A pond is a feature that can dramatically change the look of your property's landscape. These can be installed professionally, or motivated homeowners can buy their own prefabricated pond liner at a home improvement store and create their own water feature. To install a pond liner for a small pond, follow these suggestions concerning the following aspects of the pond:

The hole.

Be careful of buried power and utility lines before you begin digging your hole for your pond. The hole should be deep enough to contain a few inches of sand in the bottom, and the liner should be positioned a few inches above ground when placed. This will be a much easier task if the soil is soft and the ground is not too rocky; for trickier terrains, hire a contractor to dig the hole, if desired. 

The sand.

Add an inch or two of sand in the bottom of the hole, where your pond liner will sit. This will give it a bit of support and flexibility as it fills with water and settles.

The liner.

Set your liner level on the sand in the hole. Add a couple of inches of water and tamp, continuing this process until filled.

The pump.

If your pond's pump is not labeled as being submersible, you run the risk of being electrocuted. Look for submersible pumps at pet stores and at venues that sell aquarium supplies. Use a rock or concrete paving stone to securely position the pump in the bottom of the pond and follow the pump manufacturer's directions and recommendations before proceeding.

The border.

Use rocks, gravel, or tile to weigh down your edge of your liner. This will also help to camouflage the border of your pond liner and make it look more natural.

The plants.

Use pebbles, sand, or gravel in the bottom of your pond to hold down plants, as desired. Fish thrive in ponds that have submerged plant life, but be sure that you only plant in ponds that don't contain chlorine, which will kill the fish and any plant life. Use potted plants around the border to further enhance the look of your water feature, and to help it meld with the natural surroundings.

Remember that a pond will attract wildlife, such as birds, bugs, and other critters, to your property. Talk with a contractor like Landscape Supplies from Peel Landscape Depot about adding unique features such as lights, waterfalls, and fountains, to create a dramatic display in your yard. A pond can be a simple project that will bring a beautiful focal point to your property.