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basic landscaping tips and how-to's

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basic landscaping tips and how-to's

Tips For Installing A Concrete Paving Stone Driveway

Lily Carroll

With the harsh winters that come with living in the northern latitudes, installing a driveway made of concrete paving stones is a good choice for your new home. Installing a concrete paving stone driveway will ensure that you do not have the same cracking problems as you would with a traditional concrete slab driveway.

Since concrete is a porous material, it needs to be able to expand and contract during normal seasonal temperature changes. Concrete paving stones are much more tolerant to the yearly freeze-thaw cycles than concrete slabs are because the grout spaces between the pavers provides spaces for them to move around. 

If you have decided to save yourself some money by installing your own driveway, then the following tips will help to ensure the end result is both beautiful and lasts for decades:

Choose Paving Stones that are Interlocking

When you visit your local home improvement store to select your paving stones, choose a style that is interlocking. The interlocking stones fit together like large puzzle pieces. This type of paving stone are both easier to install and will stay in place much better in a heavily used area such as your driveway.

Use the Best Paving Stone Base Materials

When you install a driveway that has to be able to tolerate the weight of vehicles in a variety of seasonal temperatures, you need to ensure that it is sitting on a very strong and flat subsurface. You can accomplish this by placing small diameter gravel rock down in the entire area and then compacting it with a rented plate compacting machine. 

Once the gravel base is flat, then you should install two layers of sand and compact the entire driveway between each new layer of sand. When the surface is completely level, you can begin to lay down the pavers. For a driveway, you should always start in the middle of the area and lay down your pattern working outward from the center.

Use a Pattern When Installing Paving Stones

Finally, you can add to the look of both your driveway and the overall look of your home by installing your paving stones in a pattern. By using a herringbone or quilt installation pattern, your driveway will have added visual appeal. In addition, the pattern will help detract people's eyes from any imperfections in the individual paving stones or from any damage they suffer as they age in place.

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