basic landscaping tips and how-to's
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basic landscaping tips and how-to's

Landscaping can be a lot of fun and it really has a significant impact on the curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, if you are inexperienced working with plants and hardscaping materials, you could have a very difficult time landscaping your yard. On my website you will find a lot of how-to instructions that can help you with the most basic landscaping projects. You will also find a few tips that can help you maintain your professionally landscaped yard. With a little information, you can have the yard that everyone in the neighborhood wants and admires and you will find that information on my website.


basic landscaping tips and how-to's

Landscaping For Low Maintenance Yard Upkeep

Lily Carroll

If you don't have the time or energy to constantly work on yard upkeep, landscaping doesn't always need to be about plants. There are plenty of other accents one can add to their yard to beautify this space without greenery. Here are four non-living landscaping options that can still beautify your yard yet keep your ongoing maintenance simple.

1. Stones and Statues

Landscaping additions that can add charm and uniqueness to your yard don't always need to be plants. Larger stones and statues can be sourced at home and garden centers or can be brought in and set up by professional landscapers. Rock or cement additions will complement your space and can add diversity to your overall landscape. It is important that larger heavy objects are set into the ground a bit so these will maintain their proper placement through all types of weather and possible erosion.

2. Ponds and Fountains

A great addition to any landscape that can bring this to life without the need for constant gardening or weeding is a pond or fountain within your yard. Water features can bring a peaceful setting to your space and can be low maintenance as long as they are set up correctly. Getting filters and water flows right can be tricky, but working with a professional landscaper can help you to install water features properly. 

3. Mulch and Rock Gardens

Open spaces in your yard don't always need to be filled with grasses and lawns. Mulch and rock gardens can be pretty and take very little upkeep by replacing your existing grass. Another way to utilize these types of materials is to add in pathways throughout your existing yard which can cut some of the ongoing yard maintenance. These types of materials will look nice but won't involve the constant upkeep that a yard might need, cutting down on water use as well.

4. Patio-to-Yard Ratio

If your backyard is all lawn, you might want to cut into this by adding a deck or patio. This can extend your space for entertaining, but lower your amount of yard upkeep overall. You can add some smaller no-fuss potted succulents, cactuses, or bamboo around your patio space to bring this to life but keep maintenance down.

Low maintenance yards can be perfect for those with limited mobility or a solution for those who just don't want to have to deal with constant yard upkeep. By working with a professional landscaper early on, you can set up some basics in your yard that look great but don't require constant maintenance on your part. Check out pools by Landmark Landscape for more information.