basic landscaping tips and how-to's
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basic landscaping tips and how-to's

Landscaping can be a lot of fun and it really has a significant impact on the curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, if you are inexperienced working with plants and hardscaping materials, you could have a very difficult time landscaping your yard. On my website you will find a lot of how-to instructions that can help you with the most basic landscaping projects. You will also find a few tips that can help you maintain your professionally landscaped yard. With a little information, you can have the yard that everyone in the neighborhood wants and admires and you will find that information on my website.


basic landscaping tips and how-to's

  • Tips For Installing A Concrete Paving Stone Driveway

    6 January 2016

    With the harsh winters that come with living in the northern latitudes, installing a driveway made of concrete paving stones is a good choice for your new home. Installing a concrete paving stone driveway will ensure that you do not have the same cracking problems as you would with a traditional concrete slab driveway. Since concrete is a porous material, it needs to be able to expand and contract during normal seasonal temperature changes.

  • Want An Alluring Landscape? Add A Pond!

    10 August 2015

    A pond is a feature that can dramatically change the look of your property's landscape. These can be installed professionally, or motivated homeowners can buy their own prefabricated pond liner at a home improvement store and create their own water feature. To install a pond liner for a small pond, follow these suggestions concerning the following aspects of the pond: The hole. Be careful of buried power and utility lines before you begin digging your hole for your pond.

  • Consider Problems with Various Playground Surfacing Materials before Making a Decision

    22 May 2015

    As you make plans for the new playground design, you must decide which surface material to have placed underneath the play equipment. Common products used for playground surfaces include various wood materials, recycled rubber, sand and pea gravel. The primary advantage of all these items is their relative flexibility for preventing injury if children fall. Each has its own particular disadvantages, however, that you should consider before making a choice. 

  • Low-Cost Landscaping Ideas

    7 May 2015

    If you are a new homeowner, you most likely want to do some work around your property to personalize it and make it seem neat and organized. Doing this when you do not have the funds is difficult, however. Here are a few tips for you to use when getting started with landscape design for your own property, allowing you to see results without emptying your wallet. Change Your Thinking The first step in making changes to your property is deciding which areas are most important.

  • Dripping With Deception: Four Misconceptions About Drip Irrigation

    20 March 2015

    One of the best ways to keep your lawn looking green and your gardens thriving is to install a full irrigation system. There are a lot of options out there and nearly as many misconceptions about each one. Drip irrigation systems are one of the most common choices despite the many myths that surround them. Here's a look at the myths you're likely to encounter when shopping for drip irrigation and the actual truth behind them.